What our advertisers say about us

After advertising in the ‘East Grinstead living’ and having such good results, I jumped at the chance to have an ad in the ‘Ashdown living’ when I heard about it.The fact that it is delivered by the Royal Mail means it gets to all those properties in and around the Ashdown Forest area that are hard to reach.This was proved to me when I won a job in Crowborough, at a house with 1km driveway!I’ve had great results advertising in this publication and will continue to do so for as long as it is around.

Matt Merrell, MRM Plastering and Building

Having done lots of advertising in various regional publications since launching our domestic cleaning business some 4 years ago, I can honestly say that this has produced some of the best responses from a very wide ranging area.I’ll definitely advertise in it again

Laura Cotterill, owner of The Clean Machine

I have had some great responses from the Ashdown Forest Living in the last couple of months. And I am very happily going to carry on advertising there again. The people that call me are serious and genuine people themselves and don't mess you about, they mean business and are honest and straight forward. Thank you for your help.

Diana’s Beauty Secret

I have found advertising with the Ashdown Forest Living more cost-effective than any other form of advertising including leaflets, yellow pages, etc. and it alone has kept the work schedule full throughout this year

Quinn Electrical Services

Wonderful to have a magazine centred directly around people who love Ashdown Forest.It has brought a steady stream of enthusiastic customers to my door, most of whom I know will be back for more.Worth the investment for effective advertising

Juliet Murray/Cogcraft